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bullet Éditions de l'Homme, publisher of the french version of the books writen by Louise Lambert-Lagacé :
bullet   Fitzhenry & Whiteside,  canadian publisher of her books translated in english;
bullet The american publisher of two of her books ;                                                      

Penguin Books India, the Indian publisher of "the Nutrition challenge for Women", writen in english and adapted for the nutritional needs of the Indian women .                                                                                                   _______________________________________________

 Professional Associations:

bullet   : my professional order.                                                                  
bullet The Dietician of Canada:  this site provides good information on nutrition and the dietician profession.
bullet       The American Dietetic Association: provides  useful information on nutrition.
bullet LInstitut de recherches cliniques de Montréal, (IRCM) is a renowned international Biomedical Research Center affiliated with the Université of Montréal (UdeM). The basic research the IRCM excel in, remains at the forefront of innovation. It is the very basis of economic development in the field of pharmaceuticals biotechnology and health services. By closely collaborating with colleagues worlwide, its researchers contribute to scientific and technical progress to improve public health and well-being.

And the IRCM see research not only through the lens of microscope , but more importantly through the eyes of individuals whose lives it strive to improve. And with this objective in mind, the IRCM handles in it's outpatient Clinic over 20,000 patient visits a year that are seen by physicians who specialize in problems related to cholesterol. hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Clinical research protocols are regularly developed, contributing to the development of new diagnostic approaches, the identification of new biochemical or genetic markers for cardiovascular risk and the evaluation of new therapeutic approaches. This research bridges the gap between fundamental laboratory research and its applications in patients.

In view of Louise Lambert-Lagacé's maintained interest not only in nutrition but also in all approachs permitting to improve public health, and this for over 50 years, it is not surprising that she accepted to act gratuitously since 2001 as a board member of the IRCM,  that in addition she assumes the chairmanship of this board since 2011, and also that she acts on Committees of the IRCM Foundation,  and in addition that she animated benevolenthly several Cafés Scientifiques organized by the IRCM since 2009.  Click Here to obtain the text or the video of the presentations made at these Café

One must also know that for a better unserdtanding of research, science and health, education is at the very heart of the IRCM's mission.  The Cafés scientifiques are a part of this long academic tradition. They allow the IRCM to better explain its role as a research institution, and to widen its network by reaching toward a general audience and anyone interested in science and health.The IRCM's cafés scientifiques are a great opportunity to discuss with experts in a relaxed setting. Education is at the very heart of the IRCM's mission. Louis Lambert-Lagacé believes firmly  in health education and therefore accepted with pleasure and as an honour to animate gratuitously several of these Cafés since November 2009.

The presentations made at these Cafés are all available online, in PDF or videos version, and this for all seasons (2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2013-2014). Suffice to click (HERE), to explore the seasons and to clikc again to select the season and the desired  PDF text or the video vidéo. These papers and videos contain valuable information for all tCes textes et vidéos contiennent une mine d'informations pour all individuals interested in health and its future.  A site offering good information and deserving sevral visits.


bullet  The Public Health Agency of Canada (Canadian Heath Network) for the excellent information it provides. 
bullet The Canadian Women’s Health Network (CWHN) is a voluntary national organization to improve the health and lives of girls and women in Canada and the world by collecting, producing, distributing and sharing knowledge, ideas, education, information, resources, strategies and inspirations. Worth visiting.
bullet    You are looking for a partner in the health sector? This is the right place to be! The  Plexo services are centered on prevention programs  for all persons  concerned in maintaining their health.  Their integrated services go from the health promotion and the eat well and live well,  to the medical accompanying right up to work reintegration.                                                                       Plexo is a member of: 
bullet   Reference Health Center of the University of Montreal ,  Extenso benefits from the solid expertise of health professionals  specialized in nutrition (doctors, dietecians and other health specialists ), available to give anwers on questions relating to various current health issues.Extenso  helps also comsumers in making better alimentary choices.  ________________________________________________


bullet   In this site,  ''Crossroads to the Future'' , Joël de Rosnay, a good friend,  looks into the Third Millennium. The site contains a selection of artticles written by Joël, a list of his books, a selection of written or video interviews, presentations to read on video, selected sites devoted to futurology and forecastin, to better build the future, some advices and limks for a better Internet navigation, and recent news on science and technology deveopments. Worth visiting.
bullet Vesanto Melina, dietitian and a friend, givrs informations on her books and information to persons interessed in vegetarianism.                                                                      _______________________________________________________
bullet This magazine offers a good variety of recipes for a light cuisine.


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