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.Louise Lambert-Lagacé, C.M., C.Q., dt.p                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The Nutrition Clinic
My Books
Memorable Moments
Nutrition Tips
Anti-jet-lag Diet
Part-time Vegetarianism
Feeding your Baby
Nutrition for Women
Menopause and Nutrition
Nutrition Update


bullet Éditions de l'Homme, publisher of my books writen in french ;
bullet   Fitzhenry & Whiteside, new canadian publisher of my books written in english;
bullet Penguin Books India, Indian publisher of "the Nutrition challenge for Women", writen in english and adapted to the nutritional needs          of the Indian women .

 Professional Associations:

bullet    Professional Order of the dietetian of Quebec


bullet Dietetians of Canada,  ;




bullet    Canadien Health Network;
bullet The Canadian Women Health Network,
bullet   Plexo. You are looking for a partner in the health sector? This is the right place to be! The  Plexo services are centered on prevention programs  for all persons  concerned in maintaining their health.  Their integrated services go from the health promotion and the eat well and live well,  to the medical accompanying right up to work reintegration.


bullet Joël de Rosnay - Crossroads to the Future , a good friend looking into the Third Millennium;
bullet Vesanto Melina, dietitian and author of many books on vegetarianism;
bullet a good variety of recipes for a light cuisine.


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